1. Schedule updates
  2. Welcome to POL3217!

Schedule updates

20 August 2022, Saturday

In light of the Thomasian Homecoming Walk, I will be making several changes in our schedule of activities for the next two weeks. Please see below:

Aug 24/25: Reading break

Aug 30, 1PM: Seminar 01

This will give everyone more time to complete the async activities prior to the seminar. The assigned texts are already available (please see syllabus for details on what selections to read) and the recorded lecture will be made available early next week.

No changes so far for our September schedule.

Have a great weekend!

Salamat at ingat,

Welcome to POL3217!

09 August 2022, Tuesday

I am very pleased to welcome all of you to your first course on Comparative Politics. As a comparativist myself, I am always excited to introduce political science students to the crazy but fun (!!!) world of comparative politics scholarship. By the end of this course, I do hope that I’d be able to recruit some of you to our camp (and to successfully snatch some of you away from the usually popular International Politics/Relations camp). I look forward to receiving you all in The Dark/Good Side (you pick!).

To prepare for our inaugural seminar session, please accomplish the following on or before 11 August 2022, 5PM:

1. Study the course syllabus and website
2. Answer this pre-class check-in survey and course directory form:
3. Read the assigned texts for Module 00 (you have at least the seminar session to complete this task)

You’ll get an announcement re the date of our first seminar session as soon as it’s been finalized.

I hope that we will all have a meaningful and productive semester. I will see you all very soon.